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Book Review July 31, 2002
The Original Parent and Family Logbook
McGuire and Mennie, Blossom Publishing Company

Today's families are busy, and parents frequently look for feasible ways to help them to focus on what is most important to them and communicate their values to their children within the limits of their hectic daily schedules. The Original Parent and Family Logbook boils down the essential components of a wide range of parenting approaches into a useful, practical tool to enhance family life.

With the goal of building families of confidence, competence and character, McGuire and Mennie help the readers to be smart, reflective parents, but not in the academic sense. With an acknowledgement that each family is unique, these talented dads have provided a collection of practical parenting pointers, enlightening family activities, and family memory builders and written them in the same manner as they might talk to you while standing in the sidelines at a soccer game. They clearly have a passion for parenting, and their passion is contagious to the reader.

As I read through the logbook, I became immediately challenged and motivated as a professional to help families by using the ideas in the program. At the same time, I was inspired and encouraged to become a better parent and shown the way to begin. McGuire and Mennie celebrate families and children with The Original Parent and Family Logbook, and do it in a way that every family can share in the celebration.

Dr. Sharon G. Murphy, Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Hinsdale, IL
Special expertise in the relationship between the developing central nervous system and the intellectual, psychosocial, sensory-motor, and academic abilities of the child.

1989 Ph.D. University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School
1979 B.S. Indiana University

Clinical Training
1989 Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Pediatric Neuropsychology
The University of Chicago

1988 Clinical Internship in Neuropsychology
West Side VA Medical Center

1986 Fellowship in Clinical/Developmental Psychology
Northwestern University Medical Center

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