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It is the mission of Blossom Publishing to help families bloom by producing practical parenting and family building and child development tools that provide parenting tips, and advice. These tools are designed to assist in creating families of competence, confidence and character. These parenting resources and books makes the perfect gift for those entering fatherhood, single parents, friends and family.

Blossom Publishing refers to these qualities as “The Three C’s”

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Child development experts agree that self esteem - the sense of value in one’s self - is a critical catalyst in developing positive character and creating competent, confident individuals. In today’s world, it is increasingly important that we develop children with strong sense of self. Self-esteem results in large part from parents spending quality and quantity time teaching values and demonstrating their love and commitment to their children. The Original Parent's and Family Logbook is designed to help parents perform those critical steps.




With Blossom Publishing’s The Original Parent's and Family Logbook, you are able to spend your time with the activities and then have a fast, convenient way to chronicle the experience. In only a few minutes per event, you can chronicle the activity with pictures, written summary and keepsakes.

You’ll be creating a lifetime chronicle/keepsake for your family as you combine the practical suggestions with the log entries. You and your family can choose and record the events.

Blossom Publishing’s The Original Parent's and Family Logbook is something you can give your children as a testament to your love and their importance in your life and it makes an excellent gift for loved ones.

Children only get one chance at childhood and you as their parent will forever cherish your parenting experience. The original parent and family log book will give you another opportunity to spend time with them. Celebrate that time! Celebrate their lives. Show them that they are loved, important and cherished. You will enrich your life as you prepare your children for parenthood where they will build their own families of competence, confidence and character.


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