John W. McGuire, Sr.

John W. McGuire, Sr. is a native of Chicago born in 1952. The youngest of four, he grew up in a working class Irish Catholic neighborhood. At age eight, he started working to buy a bike. He enlisted in the Navy during the Viet Nam era, at 17, and thrives on adventure. He is an expert scuba diver, parachutist instructor and honorably discharged military patriot. As a Northeastern Illinois University graduate who worked full time, Mr. McGuire majored in Psychology and Speech and Performing Arts. He minored in Sociology and Biology. With his varied background, he has dealt with a variety of life's circumstances. Mr. McGuire is a Renaissance man, a romantic and a divorced father of three. His wisdom comes from experience. Anyone can relate to his contemporary poetry. He is a man of the street, an outdoorsman and a publishing/advertising executive. He has traveled the world extensively. His Midwestern charm, simple roots and ability to relate to everyone make him a good observer of the human condition, and likewise, a writer who has a lot of soul.

In the opinion of John Woolsey, John McGuire's work reminds him of Jack Kerouac, the author of "On the Road." "Interestingly enough, he reminds me of a Jack Kerouac of the 90s," Mr. Woolsey stated. "Although Mr. McGuire writes in a French style, and more frequently iambic pentameter, the poetry has a very specific beat, rhythm, and feel." Mr. Woolsey listens to it frequently and often when he wants to relax, think, and go to bed. The musical score is a mixture and blend of new age, blues, reggae, synthesized music, and plain old down home reading.

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